mobile skill boosters

boost your skills on mobile technologies

dial a phone directly from a text hyper link? yeah, it can be done! and some more tips on mobile development.

1.  active phone numbers

most mobile devices have the ability to make calls, so take advantage of that in your page code,” says mike ballan. wrap the number in the <a href> tag. instead of http:// as the protocol you use “tel:”

here’s what that might look like: <a href=”tel:0123456789″>0123456789</a>

try it on your phone: +351962768733

2. high or low?

is your site ready for retina screens? don’t think you’re ok just because. there’s the javascript framework retina.js which uses apple’s @2x naming convention to swap out standard images with hi-res versions.

it’s also possible to supply high-res images to ios devices using webkit-image-set”:


3. fixed position

want to have fixed navigation or a contact bar at the bottom of your site? when it comes to mobile, only a few browsers support the ‘fixed’ class.: windows phone 7 will replace the ‘fixed’ class with ‘static’.

here are the mobile operating systems that currently support the ‘fixed’ attribute in css:

  • mobile safari ios5 and above
  • android 3 and above
  • blackberry 7.0 and above