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my job entails helping you sell your service or product.

my ultimate goal is to help viewers understand your message and, in turn, reap benefits for you.
answering these 5-step questions can help tremendously in achieving results you and me are happy with.

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step 1 - website goal

what will be the project name?

what is your primary goal? (sales, information, etc)

step 2 - website audience

who is your target audience/demographic?

what primarily will your audience be trying to achieve or receive from your site?

step 3 - existing information

has any work already gone into the site? if yes, should this work be included at all costs?

what will we be doing?

do you own or have paid hosting, domains, servers, etc. that would be needed for the site?

step 4 - project details

what is the deadline?

does the launch coincide with a specific product or service being offered?

are you concerned about competition?

if so, who are your competitors?

who will approve the purchase of further necessities?

who will create the content?

what content will need to be updated and how often?

step 5 - site branding, design and content

do you have existing brand elements (logo, business cards, letterhead, etc.) that need to be incorporated or that can be provided as brand representation?

will we be using exisiting brand colors or what have you considered for a color scheme and/or theme?

what type of content will you be offering? text, images, audio, video?

from visiting your competitors websites, or those in a similar field, what are some aspects you like and would like included on your site?

in addition to the home page, what will be your other content pages? (about us, services, products, press release, blog, links, location, contact us, directions, site map, etc.)

that's all for now!

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you get an email form me, letting you know i received your inquiry

you get another email with the estimate quote for your project

we schedule an in-person meeting to discuss the concepts

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