web development

  • so you think coding is easy

    most programming doesn’t require a special brain, but it’s more frustrating and messier than anyone lets on.

    there are thousands of enthusiastic blog posts, classes and apps that aim to entice you with the promise of a slick, unequivocal procedure for learning to code.

  • tools for webdevs

    web development and design are two great skills to have because they allow you to work from anywhere and create amazing, beautiful sites and apps.

    nonetheless, it can be hard to get started when you don’t know what to do. we can help you out with these ten great tips and tools.

  • become a better developer

    should i use this plugin or that library? should i plan this project or dive straight into coding? should i ask for help or figure it out myself?

    sounds familiar?

    i know how you feel. i felt the same way. that all changed when i started implementing the below points into my routine.

    whether you are a newbie or professional, chances are that some of these points will help you to bring your front-end development career to the next level.

    here are 8 tips to help you to become a better front-end developer.

  • 5 tips to webdevs

    so, you wanna be part of building the web.

    as beginner web app developer, you’ll have to face a difficult but very rewarding path ahead of you. you’ll have to master (or at least try) the intricacies of scripting languages, learn to build web apps the hard way and network your way into job opportunities.

  • coding skill boosters

    tips to boost your skills

    here go some open source services that developers keep quiet about, programming hacks and development tips. i’m sure that you’ll find some tips & tricks to add your toolbelt.