project management skill boosters

tips to boost your skills on project management

another post on skill boosters for you to find some more tools.

1. get git

you may need a strong versioning system. many devs go with github, but not if your project is private because it will be publicly available. maybe you should try gitlab.

it’s very similar to github but open source and free to set up on your own server. the best set-up for gitlab is to use nginx with unicorn to improve performance and speed – but apache with passenger will work as well. the biggest advantage of this is that all your code is backed up each time you commit, with a really useful diff viewer so you can see what has been changed on each commitment.

2. commented code

team workers remember that other people need to understand your code, use your resources and work through your files. don’t be lazy. always comment your code, name your layers and organize your psds and flas. the more organised your files are the easier it is for you or others to understand where things are at and how they work.

3. secure your site

before you go live with a website, be sure to run it through it scans websites for common security issues.

4. automate

don’t waste time deploying or manually running unit tests. automate it. time spent with nant or msbuild is time well spent as it will decrease the number of hoops you need to jump through when that deadline is looming.

5. team tracker

use pivotal tracker and pivotal booster for project management and feature/bug tracking.

6. perfect pictures

pixel perfect is a tool for comparison of initial designs with the actual front-end that the development process spits out. this little firefox plugin allows you overlay a jpeg version of your designs right on top of the page. you can check down to the last pixel that everything lines up.

7. dotted lines

sometimes working on the front end i use an ‘incomplete’ or ‘todo’ css class which gives a dotted outline to elements which don’t work or are unfinished. i can clearly see what needs work before going live.